About Us

PT Mitra Media Visindo, a supplier and service installation of protection system equipment for industrial, petrochemical oil & gas sector company

Our Vision:

Mitra – Partnership
Media – Means of place
Visindo –  Indonesia’s Vision

“MMV is a place for partners to achieve Indonesia’s vision”

Our Mission:

We aim to delivery quality of service with unrivalled prices, adding value through true customer service and bringing flexibility to meet your business needs.

With the best service with our experience since 2007, and great support from our principal, we convince that we will provide the very best offer with the competitive and reasonable price and delivery time.

The Management

We also provide protection systems and components

for a vast array of applications:

  • Industrial – factories, warehouses
  • Residential – homes, apartments
  • Commercial – offices, retail, meeting centers
  • Institutional – hospitals, corrections
  • Educational – schools, universities
  • Public venues – museums, libraries, congress centers
  • Transportation – airports, train stations