Occupational health and safety / K3

Occupational health and safety (K3, seems ambiguous if it is called occupational safety and health) is a field related to health, safety and human welfare working in an institution or project location. The purpose of K3 is to maintain the health and safety of the work environment. K3 also protects co-workers, worker’s families, consumers, and others who may also be affected by work environment conditions.

K3 is quite important for morals, legality, and finance. All organizations have an obligation to ensure that workers and others involved remain safe at all times. OSH practices include prevention, sanctions and compensation, as well as wound healing and care for workers and providing health care and sick leave. K3 is related to occupational health science, safety engineering, industrial engineering, chemistry, health physics, organizational and industrial psychology, ergonomics, and occupational health psychology.

“No one will be put at risk to achieve our goals”

Safety is an integral part of our culture at MMV, Inc. We have great employees that take pride in performing quality work in a safe manner for all of our customers. Our safety and health program is proactive and guided by a strategic set of values called STEPS.

At MMV Fire Systems, we focus on the following set of best practices to achieve our safety goals:

  • Training
    • Employees participate in a minimum of eight hours of computer based and eight hours of classroom based safety training each year.
    • Toolbox meetings are held weekly.
    • Task specific
    • New hire orientation
  • Accountability & Visibility
    • Regular job site safety evaluations are performed by safety and management personnel.
    • A points-based incentive program reinforces positive behaviors. This program is directly tied to our job site evaluations.
    • Job site safety evaluation goals are set annually.
  • Health & Wellness
    • We have a workplace stretching program specifically designed for our industry.
    • Participation in our stretching program extends to all areas of our business including office staff.